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This page contains original one of a kind dolls presented to us by different authors

Elf. by Inie (atl_xolotl)


This Little-Beetle is mastered and presented by Daria aka Omikron from the small north town Murmansk.

Scary-doll tattoo

Scary-doll tattoo

From now on Scary-Dolls are immortalized in human skin!

Quoted bellow is e-mail from Nikita Vysotin (Taganrog) - the guy tough enough to make the Scary Dolls tattoo on his own body:

on the left side, down on the ribs :) it's not dale cooper alright but let's say his younger brother

Giraffe from Apfel. It is supposedly that wonderful Giraffe himself.


Here's the dolls made exclusively for my birthday by two animator-girls Inie and Ligreego. The first one is Axolotl and the second one features real hair of the artist (Ligreego) Wow!!!

atl_xolotlatl_xolotl LigreegoLigreego

BelkaLigreego - Chapo-clackInie - the FisheaterApfel - Le Giraffe

These three were made for my birthday by four beautiful fairies - Belka, Ligreego, Inie and Apfel. The Squirrel is made of socks, the Guy (I believe it's me) with an acid cat, the Fish to feed Enidor Erukka and Giraffe to hang on the wall.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister made exclusively for us by our American friend Barbie Dubya

Ryba by Anna Florenskaya

This fish was a birthday present from Anna Florenskaya. Made of a Soviet boy-scout tie.

A Hideous creature A Hideous creature

This ugly gentlemen was a birthday present from late Victor Tsoi. You might know him better by his work in the KINO band. And not everybody awares that he had been a gifted sculptor either.

A Pig

This is a trophy taken from Sergey Haritonov. He had started with dolls but now switched to robot inventing. Some of his creations are walking the streets. Watch out!

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