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Transformer Robot

Transformer: sleep mode

This unit is a 1986 design. General features: it can be placed in a matchbox thanks to its small size in sleep mode (see the picture on the left).

The first activation stage

The second activation stageThe robot understands two command sequence: "Transforming" and "Activation". The first command starts the robot's operation system and initializes stand by mode. Please remember to remove the unit from your matchbox to an open space before giving the second ("activation") command. That is because the activated Transformer will grow considerably and can destroy the container.

Pictures on the sides show different stages of the unit's transformation.

On the right you can see the Transformer in full action. Picture shows the moment of its atacking a fuel container.

Please note that this model is not a millitary design! It is not at all effective against bad guys in the street or alien army. Its suggested primary application is fetching alcoholic beverages. The robot lacks any artificial intellect and is completely incapable to learning.

Transformer attacks

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