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What movie?

It's going to be a music video for one American band (you don't know what band it is). Industrial metal will be the style.


The song is three minutes long. So it's going to take a lot of time to animate. Now you won't have to wait until the whole thing is finished. I will publish one episode a week (on Mondays presumably). No sound, all episodes bellow 100Kb - easy to download.

What's the objective???

If I will make it till the end, I will send it to the band whose song I'm animating for approval. After (or if) all the copyright issues are settled down, I will publish the final version with soundtrack.

How exactly you can contribute?

You can comment the episodes. I usually don't have a final plot in my head - it all comes in the process. So I would appreciate any suggestions from you on how the episode could end, what could happen in this story and so on. Right now you can e-mail me your comments. I hope to automatize this process in future.
Please keep in mind that those are only drafts. So please don't just write if it's cool or a crap. Except for these, all your comments will be published on the 'Comment Page'

What would be your benefit??

I may like some of your ideas and use it. If I do, I'll mention your name in the titles. However, you might think that I used your idea but please remember that the same idea could come to my mind before you actually post it. So there's no guarantee except my word of honour. I consider myself an honest guy and I don't need anything that doesn't belong to me.

So I don't want to promise you anything (if the authors of the song refuse, this movie will probably never be published at all!) - this is just an experiment

And the last one: sex and violence inside. Think twice before you click the picture on the right and watch the episodes.


Episode 1 (04.21.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 1

Episode 2 (04.28.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 2

Episode 3 (05.05.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 3

Episode 4 (12.05.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 4

Episode 5 (19.05.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 5

Episode 6 (26.05.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 6

Episode 7 (09.06.2003)

Scary Dolls - Episode 7

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