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The Fisheater.
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For the first time in history video camera shot an inhabitant of the alien dimention!


11.16.2002 Mr. Leonid A. Ugliantsev addressed to the Scary Dolls Corporation with some weird sort of problem. He started to notice his fish storage in the bedroom got shrink about a month ago. Although he locked the iron door and switched on the security system whenever he left his home, nothing seemed to keep the fish from disappearing.

We desided to try an experiment: we installed a hidden surveilance camera in Mr. Ugliantsev's bedroom and asked him to switch it on as he leaves. What we saw recorded on the tape was actually unbelievable!!! The camera shot a mythological creature reported to be inhabiting another dimention yet never seen by a living human!!! This demon is called Ebedor Eruka. We think everybody understands that Mr. Ugliantsev had to move from his home and give it away to the Scary Dolls for further qualified investigation. Now you also can watch this amazing shootings. Bye.

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